The House of the Nomad, Taroudant, Morocco

In the early 1980ies Hafis makes his first journey to Morocco where he encounters Mohamed Aariba, who was about to buy a piece of land in Al Houmer, some 5 km west of Taroudant. Hafis profits of the occasion to buy himself a patch of land of the other side of the street.


Twenty years later, in 2003 Hafis finally starts constructing a simple two-story house, which is meant to become his place of retirement. He has it built in the old moroccan or arabic tradition, with a walled-in-inner court, while still continuing to travel. The result is an astonishing and welcoming combination of an organic building with plenty of plants and flowers in the middle of the small village El Houmer.


Today, while Hafis still keeps travelling around the world, this place has become the House of the Nomad, which is put at the disposal of artists and foremost writers.